Friday, March 14, 2008

What do you think about "How to Survive in the Chilean Jungle?"

We are interested in knowing what you think about the book "How To Survive in the Chilean Jungle." For the first 10 people that respond, we will send you a FREE T-shirt of our new product line we are launching - Clothing with Chilean Slang on them.

Comments may not have vulgarities or crude rumor in order to be posted. Thank you for your understanding.

Your free T-shirt will look like this:

Available in S, M, L, XL, XXL !!! Once per customer up to 10 customers!


Marichiweu said...

Hi! Just found the blog, but I enjoyed the book a great deal. It was very useful during the year I spent in Chile, for slang both big and small, filthy and commonplace. I recall thinking of one thing that would have made it more useful - maybe too much for y'all to undertake, but: it was great when I heard a word I didn't understand. Not so great for trying to figure out a colloquial way to say what I wanted to say. A really cool thing would be if you could use an English->Chilean, Chilean->English format, like a dictionary. Then I could be like, "Hm, I want to say this totally kicks ass, how would a Chilean say that?" and flip right to it. In any case, thanks for the book!

Ronny said...

I´m a Chilean living in Germany and a heard about this book a couple of years ago, back in Chile. Sometimes for me is difficult to express myself trying to literally translate some dichos into english, but the book makes a great job doing this and I also recommend it to people visiting Chile, because our spanish is anything but the spanish thought on language courses.
I also agree to the dictionary-like format, I think it would be a more functional format for quick translations.

Daniel said...

I'm a translator in Chile, and the book really helps out when you are trying to say something from CL-SP to EN.

"¡Está la raja!"

Matias said...

Buen libro, aunque está en Inglés. Creo que los mismos chilenos lo necesitan a veces. Saludos desde Chile.

hugovima said...

I am Chilean and last month an american student came here with that book, i think is really usefull, she "cacho" all.

pb.andert said...

very good one!
i´m also chilean and i´m studying to became an English teacher,and i think it helps not olny foreigner people but also people from chile, like me, becuase it´s a very useful tool for students who are learning this language and want to say our "chilenismos" into another language! -english in this case"
thank you very much, !

i´ll leave you my email if you want to share something with me!
bye friend!

taote said...

Hi! I'm a Chilean living in NY and I read your 1st edition book years ago. Now I just bought the last version from Amazon and an extra copy on your website. It's great! I find it the perfect gift for my American friends that want to visit Chile.

I have a suggestion for you. I think that the cartoons that you added in the last version are hilarious, so wouldn't it be a great idea to make the whole book with comics about the Chilean sayings? You can also sell posters about the most popular ones.


Joe said...

I am going to Chile for the first time next month and this book should prove to be invaluable. Imagine that the Chilenos have a different word, or two or three, for the parts of the body! More cartoons would be great.

Dan said...

I received the book before coming to chile. I read it, and could not wrap my head around any of the contexts, especially of those in the 'weon' section. Now that I have been in Chile for 9 months, I can open that book up and get a great laugh, as well as some needed perspective at times. The chileans always get a kick out of hearing the gringo say some of the dichos, especially in the very begining of my stay. Estoy que corta las huinchas ver las camisetas q tienen los dichos!! saludos

Anonymous said...

where can you find this book? i can't find it on any common bookstore website like barnes and noble, borders, or amazon. can you find it in chile?

please email me at if you know the response. thanks.

Sara said...

i have heard this book is wonderful and very invaluable to those like myself who are traveling abroad. i am so glad there is a decipher for the chilean lingo.

Juno said...

Hi, this book is hilarious, and I love the comics! I gave the book to my boyfriend that comes from Spain...and he also has troubles sometimes understanding the chilean language. We were laughing a lot reading the book in a bar in NYC! Congratulations!
El libro es la raja!